(All Shayari Collection)

I-m so blessed 2 have a friend like u this comes with many loving thoughts & warm wishes i send 2o may ur day be filled with laughter on this ur special day & may the finest things in life always come ur way happy birthday!

May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself. Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in the heart and leave the rest up to God.
Happy Birthday!

I Didn-t Forget Your Birthday,
I-m Just Fashionably Late.
I-m So Sorry I Missed Your Birthday,
I Hope That You Had A Wonderful Day.
I May Have Forgotten Your Birthday,
But I Didn-t Forget About You!
I Didn-t Forget About Your Birthday
I Just Wanted To Help Prolong The Celebration.

Age is nothing but a number - it simply does not matter how old you are.
The only thing that matters is how much life is there in your years.
So party hard and build up memories every day and have a perfect life.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous Birthday!

Birthday Message For A Brother
I-m So Glad
That God
Gave Me A
Brother Like You.

HApPy bIrThdAy Bro

B - Be yourself
I - Invite new challenges
R - Recall past triumphs
T - Trust your instincts
D - Do your best
A - Affirm your strength
Y - You've got what I takes!

Mountain, rain or summer heat;
Your Love is the reason why I breathe.
Tell me dear what is sweet?
Is that you or your heartbeats?
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Birthday Message For A Daughter
No Matter How
Many Birthdays
Come And Go,
You-ll Always
Be My Little Girl.
Happy Birthday Daughter.

Husband Birthday Messages
My Love For You
Grows And Grows
With Each
Passing Year.
Happy Birthday
To The
Love Of
My Life.