(All Shayari Collection)

Santa -Jab bhi wife mera
photo apne mobile se click karti hai
mujhe bahut daar lagta hai.
aaj kal OLX aur quikr ki bahut
ads bahut aati hai na.

Music channels par sms karke apne girlfriend ko songs dedicate
karna bhi patthar par "Raj loves riya" likhne se kam nahi h

Pahle log beta ke liye taraste the but aajkal FAST 3G DATA ke liye

Aajkal log mandir me chappal bhi esi jagah utarte hai

jaha se bhagwan bhi dekhe or chappal bhi

Punch Of The Day
Once A Man Asked God
Why all girls are so cute & sweet
And all wifes are always angry?
God answered :
Girls are made by me…
And you make them wife’s!!!

1 talent test me puchha gaya,
Agr apki shadi judwa behan me se
kisi ek k sath ho jaye to aap apni
wife ko kaise pehchanoge ??
Best ans- Hum Q Pehchaane?

In a hospital ICU patients died in d same bed every Sunday between 9 to 10 AM
Doctors thought it is something super natural event
Worldwide Expert team was formed to investigate d cause
Next sunday, at 9 AM, all doctors stood around that bed & waiting to see what it was…???
Then suddenly Munnibai (Part time Sunday sweeper) entered d ICU, unplugged the Life Support system of that bed & plugged her Mobile Charger!!

Girl to doctor: I am sweet 16 sir.....
My skin is sillky soft N sensitive.....
I am very fairrrrr
mein raat ko kya laga kar soya karun?

Doctor: Lock your door well before you sleep....

Never make a women cry…
There is nothing more expensive than a female tear….
When a single drop comes out,
It 1st mixes with
‘Loreal’ eyeliner (Rs.650) &
‘Dior’ mascara (Rs.2500)..
Then when it rolls down the cheek, it mixes with
‘D&G’ blusher (Rs.2500)…
finally when it touches the lips, it gets mixed with
‘Maybelline’ lipstick (Rs.350)…
This means that a single drop is ruining cost Rs.6000!!

Tohfa Wó Jó Kisika Yadgar Bàn Jayé
Chàhat Wó Jó kisika Pyar Bàn Jayé
Dil Na Dhukhana Tum KisiKa Apni Baató Sé
Dosti Wó Jó Kisika Aitbar Bàn Jayé.