(All Shayari Collection)

Record the morning news telecast of the rainy day when schools were closed due to heavy down pore. Then play it back on April 1st in the morning while the kids are getting ready for school.

Replace the moisturizer in the victim's bottle with some hair-conditioner.

Draw moustaches on the face of the person whom you know is a sound-sleeper. Use an eyebrow pencil or other make-up. No markers please, they're too hard to remove!!

Place small water balloons in the toe your victims' shoes in such a manner so that it's not visible in the first glance. They'll get a chilling surprise! (More expensive the shoe, the more will be the fun but it should be avoided to prevent a ruckus)

Put some bubble wrap in front of or behind the tyres of the victim's car. When they back out of their parking space, a large pop will be heard, and then he/she will wonder what they hit.

Replace the inside pages of today's newspaper with the pages of last week's newspaper issue.

Replace the winter lotion in your pal's lotion bottle with mayonnaise.

Tie one end of a spool of ribbon to your victims doorknob with a note stating, "Follow the Ribbon." Then wind the ribbon all around their room, bed, desk, even all over the house. At the ending point of , attach a note "So finally you joined the fools league!"

With the victim looking on, pretend you see a fly in the room. Grab a fly swatter and chase it around for a while. Then make a big swat, reach down and grab the 'fly' (actually a raisin that you concealed in your hand), and gobble it down or put into whatever the victim is eating.

Take a needle and thread and run it through every pair of underwear/bra in the victim's drawer, so that they are attached in one long string. When they get dressed, they will grab one pair but end up with so many of them.